Air Duct System Cleaning

Air Duct System Cleaning Service

 Wiz Team, Inc. is certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and are highly trained in the most effective and efficient air duct cleaning methods .Air Duct System cleaning is one of the most important services that should be performed in your home on a regular basis to improve your indoor air quality and systems efficiency. Think of your Air Duct System or your Heating Cooling and Ventilation Systems as the lungs of your home. The HVAC System breathes in and breaths out the air in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, year in and year out.

Professional Air Duct System Cleaning

By eliminating dirt, dust, and microbial contaminants from your duct system you will experience an immediate improvement in air quality, dust accumulation on surfaces gets reduced to about 95% less, overall system performance and air handler efficiency is improved by 30%. There can be many reasons to clean your air duct system, here are just a few:

  • Recent Remodeling of your home.

  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing.

  • Last Cleaning was performed in more than 5 Years.

  • Weak Air Flow through some of the duct lines.

  • Quick Dust Re-depositing on freshly cleaned surfaces.

  • Allergy Sufferers in Homes.

  • Coughing, running nose, or frequent sinus infections.

  • Recently Purchased Home.

…Inside your duct work, there can be pounds of dust and debris hiding and needing to be cleaned. Build-up on the interior of duct lines from daily use, pet hair, pet dander, construction dust, sanding dust, smoking tar, cooking residue, water damage, or lack of overall maintenance by previous owners are just a few reasons why Air Duct Cleaning is a must-do service for great indoor air and overall well-being. At Wiz Team, Inc. we deliver full system cleaning unlike any other. Together with our top-of-the-line, powerful, sophisticated equipment, coupled with our experience, certification from NADCA, and professional technicians, you will get the best air duct cleaning ever, guaranteed. Don’t wait to schedule your free in-home consultation today and start breathing clean air.

Air Duct Cleaning In-Home Consultation:

Air Duct System Needs a Professional Cleaning
  • We start with an air duct system inspection to verify that your air duct system needs to be cleaned.

  • We inspect your system layout, accessibility of the main plenums, diffusers, registers, condition, soil level, filtration level, and critical components or the air handling unit.

  • We provide education one-on-one, explain how the service would be performed step by step, and communicate anything in order to provide a flawless service experience to our clients.
  • We provide a written proposal based on the amount of work and complexity of your system, number of air handlers, and duct lines.

  • The inspection/consultation is always a separate appointment from our cleaning service appointment. Consultations on Air Duct Cleaning in-home is always free so call now at 847-526-6060.

How Wiz Team Cleans Air Duct Systems:

  • Inspection of the System is performed ahead of time and the cleaning crew is ready to perform duct cleaning service.
  • Walking area protection, safety procedures, and protection of content where needed.
  • Preparation of the system for cleaning by placing the entire system under negative air suction; a powerful vacuum HEPA-filtered or large gas-powered unit outside will be connected to collect all dust and particulates from the system during cleaning.
  • Then, we use agitation tools to enter all duct lines to dislodge any contaminants by blasting them toward the vacuum system for removal into a HEPA-filtered vacuum or large cotton vacuum bag outside of your home.
  • Next, we clean all of your vents, registers, and diffusers.
  • Then we clean your humidifiers, filter housing, and air handling unit(s).

  • We pick up all of our equipment and HEPA vacuum all working and walking areas in your home.

  • We show you the final results with pictures before and after and walk all areas of your duct system and show all improvements made.

  • You enjoy cleaner air and a healthier home.



Questions & Answers

If your system has not been professionally cleaned by a NADCA Certified company in the past 5 years, the answer is Yes. In order to determine the contamination level in your duct system, a proper air duct inspection should be performed by Air System Cleaning Specialists. Also, you should get the exact description of the work that should take place along with a written quote. 

Indoor air is several times more polluted than outdoor air due to the act of reprocessing the same air over and over again. Having your air duct system cleaned will improve indoor air quality. Cleaning your air duct system will remove years of dust buildup, dander, and micro-organisms reducing symptoms of asthma, reducing sinus infections, and overall allergy-related symptoms. Removal of accumulated soil from the interior of your ducts will help you in easier maintenance of your home due to less dust particulates in your home and air circulation. Heavy build-up in your duct system can reduce airflow causing your air handler to work harder and less efficiently causing a decrease in airflow to some areas of your home. A clean air duct system has many benefits, a few of these are the overall improvement in energy efficiency, and improved life expectancy of air handling units, translating to reduced maintenance costs and heating or cooling energy bills.
Air duct cleaning will vary based on the number of air handler furnaces and vents in your home. However, typically minimum air duct system cleaning services begin at $795.00 and go up from there.

Our air duct system cleaning services include: entire system cleaning (all vents: supply and return, all main plenums, duct work, humidifiers, filter housings, and air handlers). This type of service takes several hours to properly complete the work and requires several air system cleaning specialists on site.

Note: Beware of low-price companies who offer low prices with vague descriptions of their services. Typically, these service companies do not perform a full cleaning. Per NADCA guideline standards, if a company hired to perform air duct cleaning does not perform the service per NADCA standards using powerful equipment for vacuuming and proper agitation equipment and does not clean the entire system, it can cause a severe negative impact on indoor air quality through cross-contamination and puff back effect into open living space. Air Duct system cleaning is a serious business, make sure you pre-qualify service providers properly through checking if they are NADCA certified, and be sure to check their reviews.

Yes! We are proud partners and certified members of NADCA: The National HVAC Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Association. We are certified as: Air System Cleaning Specialists, Ventilation Maintenance Technicians, and Ventilation System Mold Remediator.

Yes! As a matter of fact, we encourage homeowners to stay home while we clean because we install special air filtration units to clean the indoor air that is already existing in the house. We use the best equipment in the industry, therefore there is no cross-contamination or puffback effects during our cleaning. We like homeowners to see what our technicians do, and how we do it, as well as, the results that will be achieved. Very often we get feedback from our clients that the air is feeling much cleaner, even during the cleaning, before we finish the entire project. We take multi-step precautionary procedures so that you and your loved ones can be home during the cleaning and experience our harmonized process as we clean you air duct system.

Typically, a single-family home with 1 furnace (Air Handling Unit), entire system cleaning will take a minimum of 4 Hours and can take up to 6 Hours with a minimum of 2 technicians on the job site. If your house has multiple air handling units, we work on one unit and all belonging lines until it is fully completed and tested, then we would move onto the next unit with minimal interference in the home’s ambient temperature changes.