Carpet Cleaning Near Me

You may want to consider hiring a carpet cleaning company in your neighborhood to clean your carpets. You should choose a company that is insured and bonded. This will protect you from any damages that occur during the cleaning process. The company should also be transparent about the cleaning fluids that they use. Greener cleaning products are preferable for homes with children, pets, and allergies. It is also a good idea to read company reviews to get an idea of how the cleaners treat their customers. oriental rug cleaning

Depending on your needs, a professional carpet cleaner can handle various types of stains. Many stains can be removed by a basic cleaning, but some require special cleaning treatments. Some companies may charge you a bit more for these services. While most companies focus on cleaning carpets, some specialize in cleaning hard surfaces such as stone tile in bathrooms and ceramic tile on outdoor patios.

The price of a carpet cleaning depends on the type of service and the size of the room. Most services charge per square foot. At the lower end, a carpet cleaning quote can cost $0.15 to $0.20 per square foot. On the higher end, a professional service can charge you $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot. Other factors that will affect the price are the condition of the carpet and the amount of dirt and stains.