Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet Cleaning is a process that removes stains and dirt from your carpets. It can also remove allergens. Common carpet cleaning methods include vacuuming, hot water extraction, and dry cleaning. To clean your carpet, it is important to use the right cleaning product. Here are some of the main types of cleaning products available. airduct cleaning company

Permanent stains

Permanent stains can make cleaning a difficult process, but there are ways to get rid of them permanently. First, it’s important to blot spills as soon as possible. Blotting the spill with a clean white cloth can help prevent stains from becoming permanent. Gently blot from the outer edge of the spill toward the center. Avoid rubbing, as this will damage the fibers of the carpet. Repeat blotting until the cloth does not pick up any color.

Machine scrubbing

The first step in machine scrubbing for carpet cleaning is to set up the machine. The buffer should be set on a 10′ by 10′ area. The machine should be equipped with an uncoiling power cord. The operator should lean the machine backward and hold the handle above the belt line. Once the machine has been set up, the user should use the machine to scrub carpeting.


Encapsulation is a type of carpet cleaning method that involves using a proprietary material to remove soil from carpets. It is not difficult to use and the process can extend the restorative cleaning process by trapping dirt particles in a crystallized substance. When the crystals are dried, they are easily removed from the carpet by vacuuming. Encapsulation has been in use for several decades, but is only recently becoming more popular for commercial carpet cleaning.

Regular vacuuming

One of the best ways to maintain carpet cleanliness is regular vacuuming. This is a good way to keep the fibers of your carpet clean and the air in your home healthy. When you vacuum, you should move slowly and with a steady forward motion to avoid damaging the fibers. This allows the vacuum to get deep into the carpet and lift dirt more efficiently. It is recommended to vacuum each section of your carpet twice.


The cost of carpet cleaning depends on the amount of work required and the overall condition of the carpet. Depending on the type of stain, a cleaning service can charge $40 to $300 per room or area. The cost of removing a stain can also be higher for food or pet stains as they can sink deeper into the pile. The cost of removing pet odors will vary greatly, but can range from $30 to $40 per hour.

Environmental impact

The chemical substances used in traditional carpet cleaning methods have a negative impact on the environment. These chemicals can harm aquatic life and can affect drinking water sources. They are also toxic to humans. Thankfully, there are more natural alternatives.