Drain Cleaning Process – Which Drain Cleaning Method is Right For Your Home?

Drain cleaning process

There are several methods of drain clearing available. There are Hydro-jetting, Video pipe inspections, and Mineral deposits to name a few. But which one is right for your home? What are the pros and cons of each? Let’s find out. Listed below are three of the most popular methods. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. Read on to learn more about the process and choose the one that is right for you. oriental rug cleaning company


When it comes to clearing clogged pipes, hydro-jetting is the best method. Its high-pressure water jets can quickly break up tree roots, debris, and other blockages. Additionally, hydro-jetting reduces the buildup of bacteria in pipes, making them more sanitary. Hydro-jetting is a fast and effective solution for drain cleaning and a great alternative to drain snakes and other methods.

Video pipe inspections

Video pipe inspections are a great way to find leaks and blockages in your drain system. The equipment used by plumbers can cost upwards of $15,000 and includes powerful lights and self-righting capabilities. Most plumbers own a video pipe inspection unit that they can use to see what is going on inside your drain. In addition to identifying blockages and leaks, video inspections can also help you avoid expensive repairs.

Tree roots

In addition to removing tree roots, plumbers can use a mechanical auger to eliminate these obstructed pipes. This type of auger involves sending a powerful sewer auger down the drain line. Its rotating head has teeth that do the job of a reciprocating saw blade. The blade rotates and cuts the tree roots. Nonetheless, this is not a permanent solution as the roots will grow back.

Mineral deposits

If you use hard water in your home, you probably have experienced mineral deposits on your faucets, bathroom fixtures, dishes, glass, chrome, and shower heads. Mineral deposits also tend to clog pipes, causing them to narrow and increase pressure. This wears down connection joints and can lead to leaks. A drain cleaning professional will be able to determine the extent of mineral buildup before it leads to major plumbing issues.

Grease clogs

When the buildup is thick enough, a caustic drain cleaner is the most effective way to remove the clog. However, this cleaning solution corrodes the drain pipes, so frequent use is not recommended. This is why you should use a different process if you are experiencing recurring grease clogs. It may take more than one application to clear the clog completely. In addition, it may take an hour or longer to remove the blockage.

Cost of drain cleaning

One common issue that requires drain cleaning is sewage backup. When the main sewer system breaks, this water backs up into your home. It can be quite costly to remove this sewage, and the plumber might charge a flat rate or by the hour. To find out the exact cost, call a local plumber. In many cases, a plumber will include this service free of charge with their drain cleaning service. Another common reason why drains get clogged is damaged pipes. Replacing these pipes may cost several hundred dollars, but the national average cost is about $2 per linear foot.