Event-Works and Wiz Team Review

Wiz is a comprehensive security solution for cloud environments. It scans every layer of cloud environments and every technology and workload running on them. It can connect via API to cloud providers and supports virtual machines, containers, and serverless technologies. It supports all major cloud security protocols and is designed to protect your cloud environment. airduct cleaning company


Event-Works and Wiz Team are a Swiss event consulting and data management company. Their team consists of event industry veterans who have a passion for helping event organizers and managers succeed. They offer a range of services that make the delivery of world-class events faster and easier.

Event-Works is an all-in-one event management software solution with a suite of customisable tools that streamline everyday operations. Its robust configuration engine enables event planners to use the software in a way that meets their individual needs. Wiz-Team’s event management software is part of Birmingham 2022’s vision.

Wiz-Team will use their web-based platform Event-Works to manage the Olympic family’s registration, accommodation, and ticketing. The system will also help athletes and spectators gain access to Olympic Clubs. The Wiz-Team team has already worked with over a hundred major multi-sport events and is an expert in event management. The partnership is another example of how a company can work with event management giants to deliver a high-quality event.

Wiz Security Graph

With the Wiz Security Graph, you can quickly and easily identify risks across the entire security landscape. The system correlates disparate signals and prioritizes risks based on severity. The Wiz solution installs and delivers information about your environment in just minutes. It helps you prevent the spread of malware, prevent breaches, and better protect your business.

With Wiz, you can see what’s happening across your cloud infrastructure, including workloads and virtual machines. Wiz’s platform connects to cloud providers via API and provides a unified view. It also supports containerized applications, virtual machines, and serverless environments. Wiz is also cloud native, so it works on any infrastructure.

Wiz Security Graph provides continuous security monitoring and correlation of network, identity, and secrets risks, allowing teams to act on threats at scale, across environments. It supports AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, Openshift, and more. It also integrates with a range of ticketing and messaging platforms.

Wiz has been integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offer the broadest coverage of cloud security. It correlates the entire stack and surfaces toxic combinations that create real risk. Using Wiz, security teams can empower themselves and automate the response process. The solution supports hundreds of security process templates. Wiz also has API support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Wiz is a cloud-based solution that can be deployed and managed within minutes. It provides 100 percent visibility across the cloud environment in under 24 hours. In addition, Wiz’s customer service is outstanding, with sales reps, engineers, and tech support specialists at the ready to answer any questions.