Four Foolproof Tips for Removing Odors from Your Carpet - Algonquin IL

Removing Odors: Are you afraid to have guests over to your home because of the smell of your carpeting? Do you walk into your home and ask, “What’s that smell?” Unfortunately, carpet odors do not go away on their own. You must take action. We have some easy-to-follow steps for getting rid of carpet odors in your home.

Air out

Fresh air is good for all areas of the home. Start by opening your windows—make sure screens are in place—and air out your home for a few hours. You can try placing a fan or two around the home as well.


To maintain the quality of your carpeting, regular vacuuming is a must. You may have a chance at eradicating odors with a thorough vacuuming.

Call a professional

If home remedies aren’t solving the problem, then you should hire a company that specializes in home carpet cleaning. You can also take advantage of special services such as pet-odor cleaning and carpet protection.

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