How Often Should You Clean Your Oriental Rug?

An oriental rug is one of the most beautiful and admired types of carpet. However, a poorly-maintained rug can cause a lot of damage. It requires specialized care to keep it clean and lustrous. To clean an oriental rug, it must first be thoroughly vacuumed. To prevent stains from settling deeper into the rug, it should be cleaned using a specialized shampoo. This shampoo has been developed to get maximum cleaning results and protect the natural fibers of the rug. carpet cleaning near me

A professional oriental rug cleaning company will inspect your rug with high-intensity lights to check for stains, structural integrity, and bacterial contamination. In addition, they will check the rug’s pH level to find out what kind of cleaning solution is best. This is important because a high pH level can damage a rug. Afterwards, the rugs are rinsed with cold water to remove all traces of the cleaning solution.

When deciding how often to clean your Oriental rug, it’s important to consider whether it’s a low-traffic area or a high-traffic area. If your rug is rarely used, you might be able to wait a couple years to clean it. However, if you plan to use it as part of your daily life, it should be cleaned at least once per year. Taking care of your rug will ensure its longevity and appearance.

It’s also essential to hire a professional oriental rug cleaning company that uses organic and green cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are best for your rug’s longevity, as they remove allergens and protect it from harmful chemicals. Using the services of a professional oriental rug cleaning company can help you avoid spending a fortune on new rugs and ensure you enjoy your rug for many years.

Professional cleaning will prevent stains and dirt from settling in your area rugs. It can also restore your rugs to their original shape and beauty. Oriental rugs are made from the highest quality natural materials, such as wool, camel hair, goat’s hair, premium cotton, and more. These materials are carefully chosen and are dyed using local plant materials.

To find a professional oriental rug cleaning company in your area, visit HomeAdvisor. You’ll be able to browse customer reviews, choose a company that best suits your needs, and trust them to deliver quality results. By choosing a local company, you’ll also get faster service and pick up your rug after it’s been cleaned.

Regular cleaning is vital for Oriental rugs. Regular cleaning helps remove stains, dirt, and other materials that could end up damaging the rug. A professional Oriental rug cleaning company will know the right method for cleaning your oriental rugs without causing damage. In fact, many companies offer services that can clean your rugs in place, which is often more convenient and time-saving than attempting to clean them yourself.