How Oriental Rug Cleaners Work

Oriental rugs should be cleaned professionally once or twice a year. Whether they’re made from natural fibers, synthetic materials, or a combination of the two, they require delicate cleaning. Natural plant-based dyes can interfere with the natural colors of your rug. You should consult an expert to get them professionally cleaned. airduct cleaning company

Professional rug cleaners

The best way to clean oriental rugs is to hire a professional rug cleaner. This is important because Oriental rugs require special care and attention to detail. Regular home cleaning can harm the delicate designs on these rugs. Moreover, a vacuum cleaner can pick up the threads and cause further damage. Professional cleaners can detect any damage before starting the cleaning process.

Using an acid-based cleaner

Oriental rugs are extremely delicate, so if you want to keep them in good condition, you’ll need to use a cleaner that has a high acidic pH of 5.5. Using an acid-based cleaner is not recommended if you have pets. These rugs are generally placed in high-traffic areas, which can make them susceptible to stains. However, if you follow a few simple steps, you can prevent your rugs from becoming ruined by stains and dirt.

Rug filtering process

Oriental rug cleaners use a special method for cleaning rugs, known as the rug filtering process. This method involves pumping an acid-based cleaner over the rug to filter it. Then, they repeat the process until the liquid runs clear. Finally, they will dry the rug by soaking it in clean water. Rugs cleaned with this method can cost as little as $.49 per square foot.

Avoiding pets

Pets can make your oriental rug smell and look unattractive, but you can get rid of pet stains with simple methods like a vinegar solution. You can also use commercial pet cleaning products to help get rid of stubborn pet stains. It’s best to prevent pet stains from affecting your rug by checking for other types of spills on the rug. Also, avoid rubbing the stain with soap, which can leave residue on your rug and attract dirt over time.

Care of antique rugs

Using a qualified antique rug cleaner is essential to the integrity of your valuable antique rug. Antique rugs are made from delicate fibers and require meticulous care when cleaning. Professional cleaners are trained in cleaning a variety of different types of antique rugs. In addition, their services will include thorough inspections for any issues with the fringe or stains.

Taking care of rugs by hand

If you’re interested in keeping your oriental rug in tip-top shape, you may want to consider hand washing it yourself. This is a more time-consuming process, but it helps protect the fibers of the rug and prevent it from deteriorating. Hand washing also reduces wear and tear.

Problems with cleaning rugs by hand

The best way to avoid damaging your oriental rugs is to follow the proper cleaning procedures. Firstly, vacuum them regularly. Vacuuming regularly will remove the ground-in dirt that can damage the rug fibers. After that, clean the rugs by using a cleaning solution made of vinegar or water.