How to Choose the Best Oriental Rug Cleaners

If you want to protect your Oriental rug, it is important to have it cleaned professionally. The dyes of an Oriental rug are susceptible to damage because urine is the base for the stains. To clean a urine stain, you should first absorb the liquid using paper towels or cloth towels. Adding a weighted object to the cloth will increase the absorption of moisture and urine. Avoid getting the cloth too wet. You should also use a clean cloth to dry the rug. rug cleaners

If your rug has a pet odor, you can use an old-fashioned method, such as shaking it or sweeping it with a straw-bristle brush. This method works best with flat-woven, braided, and hand-hooked rugs. Wool Oriental rugs can be cleaned with cool water and a neutral-pH liquid cleaner. You should never use harsh chemicals on a wool rug. Always use the proper cleaning product for your woolen fabric.

When choosing the right Oriental rug cleaner, make sure they can offer you professional advice. Rugs made of different materials need specialized cleaning. Routine vacuuming cannot remove deep-down dirt. Professional cleaners use specialized tools to remove dirt, and their expertise allows them to restore your rug’s original look and feel. They will also inspect the front and back surface of your rug, which means they can better tell you how to care for it.

In addition to professional cleaning, you should choose a company that cleans rugs on a regular basis. This way, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your oriental rug too often. You can also find local companies on HomeAdvisor, which connects you with local oriental rug cleaners. A local oriental rug cleaner will be able to pick up your rug more quickly. A professional rug cleaner will be able to clean any type of rug, including those with fine wool and silk.

You can also prevent excessive wear and tear on your rugs by regularly moving them around. High-traffic areas are usually subject to heavy foot traffic, so rugs in these areas may need a break. Regular spot cleaning can keep your rugs looking new for longer by removing small stains before they become permanent. Oriental rugs do not need extensive cleaning. They need to be vacuumed or shaken once a month to stay clean.

Many oriental rugs are made of wool or silk. When cleaned, heat can cause shrinking and twisting. The wrong temperature can also cause dye to bleed. Professional oriental rug cleaners use cold water with pH corrected solutions and use new baths for each rug. The cold water rinses away traces of the cleaning agent, which could permanently alter the color. This is especially important for rugs made of wool and silk. Soaps that are too hot can ruin your rug’s color.

You can clean your oriental rug yourself, or hire a professional to clean it for you. Oriental rugs are made of very soft wool and should be vacuumed from both sides. Be sure to use a low-pile carpet attachment when vacuuming an oriental rug. Make sure to use a low-pile attachment because fringing can get tangled up in the vacuum. And make sure to clean your rug with a pH neutral detergent.