How to Choose the Best Oriental Rug Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning an oriental rug, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors include cost, process, and reliability. There are also concerns about color bleeding and cost. To ensure that your rugs are well-kept and protected, it’s important to know how to take care of spills and stains. rug cleaners near me


The cost of oriental rug cleaning services varies from three to eight dollars per square foot, depending on size, age, material, and location. The process used to clean an oriental rug also depends on the type of material it is made of. Some are made entirely of wool, while others are a wool/synthetic blend. A traditional oriental rug will need hand washing, while a modern machine-made oriental rug can be steam cleaned.


Oriental rugs are extremely delicate and require a specialized cleaning process. Because of their natural fibers, they are particularly vulnerable to staining and damage. Additionally, antique rugs often contain vegetable dyes that can be easily damaged. If you want to make sure your rug looks its best for years to come, a professional rug cleaner should be entrusted with the cleaning job.


It is very important to choose a reliable oriental rug cleaner. Rugs with intricate designs may need special care. If they are cleaned incorrectly, they may lose their appearance. Choosing a reliable oriental rug cleaner means ensuring that they use gentle cleaning solutions and a fast drying process.

Color bleeding

Oriental rugs have fine details and intricate patterns, and color bleeding during rug cleaning can damage the pieces. Fortunately, it can be avoided by following proper cleaning methods. Color bleeding can occur when dyes run from a darker area to a lighter one.


Fraying is a common problem with Oriental rugs. This is caused by worn edges and sides of the rug or by playful pets. If the problem is left untreated, it can deteriorate quickly. Fraying oriental rug cleaners can repair the frayed side by wrapping it with a matching piece of wool. Fraying may also be prevented by placing a cloth binding on the edges of the rug.

Refusal to steam clean

Steam cleaning is a common solution for carpeting, but it can be damaging to an Oriental rug. Oriental rugs are made of natural fibers, including wool and silk, which react to water differently than synthetic fibers. They absorb water and dirt, causing mud to form within the rug. Additionally, hot water can run the natural vegetable dyes and create permanent stains. The best way to clean your rug is to hire a professional rug cleaner who knows what to do with this type of material.


When you hire a professional Oriental rug cleaner, you can rest assured that they will take care of your rug with care and professionalism. Not only will you enjoy a clean, fresh rug, but you will also save time and money. Professional cleaners also know how to clean a variety of fibers without damaging them. If you have questions, they can answer them on the phone or via email. In addition, you can expect their work to be completed to your satisfaction, and they’ll give you transparent pricing.