How to Choose the Right Rug Cleaner for Your Oriental Rug

If you are in need of a rug cleaning service, then you will be happy to know that there are many options available. Some of these services include professional deep cleaning, stain removal, dye bleed correction, and rug repairs. These companies work with all types of rugs, including oriental rugs. If you are interested in learning more, read this article to learn more about the different types of oriental rugs and their cleaning needs. Carpet Cleaning company

Cost of oriental rug cleaners

When you have an oriental rug, it is important to have it cleaned by professionals. While vacuuming may be enough to remove dust and dirt, professional rug cleaners are the best choice when you want your rug to remain as beautiful and as clean as possible. Moreover, professional rug cleaning services will also ensure that allergens and other contaminants from your rug are removed, so you can enjoy a healthy home.

The cost of oriental rug cleaning will depend on how large your rug is and the material it is made of. Basic labor may cost $3 to $8 per square foot, but it will depend on the material, age, and origin of your rug. It is also important to know that the cleaning method will vary, as some oriental rugs require special cleaning methods. This type of cleaning process uses specialized products that are not suitable for most rugs.

Techniques used by oriental rug cleaners

Professional rug cleaners use sophisticated techniques to restore your rug. This process includes the use of expensive cleaning products and is designed to remove deep stains and other dirt. Professionals also take great care to avoid premature aging of your rugs. They use the latest technology to remove deep stains from your rugs without damaging the fibers.

To extend the life of your oriental rugs, it is recommended to have them cleaned at least twice a year. Some high-traffic rugs may require more frequent cleaning. Rub a hand over the rug to determine whether it requires cleaning. Using a carpet shampoo and detergent on the rug is a great way to remove dust and other dirt from it. However, be aware that carpet cleaners can bleach or lighten the fibers, which may cause damage to your rugs.

Color bleeding

Many Oriental rugs contain delicate patterns and details that can be damaged by color bleeding during the cleaning process. Fortunately, color bleeding can be avoided when cleaning with proper techniques. While some rugs are more susceptible to bleeding than others, the best way to avoid this problem is to use a professional cleaner.

Color bleeding is caused by the inability of the dye to set properly in the fibres. This causes the color to migrate and run. A rug cleaner can help solve this problem by removing the affected areas.

Care for oriental rugs

Cleaning your Oriental rug will help you preserve its beauty and prolong its life. You can use a long, soft brush to clean the rug. It is recommended to use the brush in one direction only, called “with the grain”. Remember that if you own a handmade rug, the fibers will be oriented in one direction. To prevent permanent staining, you can also vacuum your rug regularly. Vacuuming is best done once every two weeks.

Keep your Oriental rug away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause the dye to fade dramatically. You can also prevent fading by rotating the rug occasionally. If you don’t have an expert carpet cleaner, consider a service that can deep-clean your rug for you. A professional carpet cleaner can use chemicals that are designed for Oriental rugs.