How to Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs can be difficult to clean, but there are a few methods you can use to make your life easier. Most dyes on Oriental rugs are acid-fast, and adding a little white vinegar to the water will make the cleaning solution more acidic. This will help the dyes stay bonded to the wool and prevent colors from fading. oriental rug cleaning

The first step is to determine the type of carpet you have. The better quality oriental rugs are made of wool, silk, or cotton. These natural fibers need special treatment when cleaning them, so make sure you hire a cleaning service that specializes in this type of fabric. The cleaner should also use modern equipment and specialized cleaning agents to prevent any damage to your rugs.

Another step is to vacuum the rug thoroughly. It is best to do this with a wet/dry vacuum. When vacuuming, be sure to use the vacuum attachments on the rugs, as this will help keep the fibers clean. Make sure to vacuum in the direction of the fibres to avoid trapping dust and debris.

Oriental rugs can look beautiful after a thorough cleaning. If you want your rug to last as long as possible, make sure to condition it with special products. Smart Choice Rug Care provides protection and conditioning options, which will help your rugs stay looking new for years to come. It is also a great way to protect your rugs against wear and tear.

After the cleaning is done, you can use a squeegee to remove any excess dirt and detergent. You can also use a mild detergent solution and spot test your rug before applying a chemical cleaner. If you are unsure of the type of detergent you should use, try a solution of vinegar and water. The vinegar will help lift stains.

When washing rugs, you can either use water or white vinegar as your cleaning solution. Both will work, but it is best to avoid using warm water. A pH-neutral detergent mixture will work well on most rugs. Make sure the mixture isn’t too wet, as it can pull out fibers.

Although it may be tempting to try cleaning your rug yourself, it is best to hire a professional to ensure the best results. It can take as little as two hours, but a professional cleaner will be able to do a deeper cleaning than you can. You can expect to pay between $1.25 and $8 per square foot for a thorough cleaning.

Using a vacuum will remove surface dirt, but this won’t remove dirt that has embedded into the rug’s backing. In addition, airborne dust and dirt tracked in on shoes and paws will also cause problems. Then, the dirt will start to eat away at the fibers. So a professional cleaner will be necessary to get the dirt out safely.