How to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in years, it’s time to have it professionally cleaned. The older it gets, the more dirt it will have embedded. A professional cleaning will restore the new look of your carpet and help keep it looking that way longer. Here are some tips for preparing a room for a professional cleaning. You can also explain to the professionals where the high-traffic areas are and what stains are there. airduct cleaning company

Changing your furnace filter and having your home’s ductwork cleaned by a professional is also essential. Dirt and dust settle into the ductwork and get blown onto your carpeting. A clogged furnace filter will not trap airborne dust and will simply allow it to settle on your floor. A daily vacuuming is also a great way to keep your carpet looking clean and healthy. If you have pets, you should also invest in air purifiers to keep airborne dirt at bay.

If you’re not sure if your carpet needs a deep cleaning, consider some of the signs you can look for. Dirty carpet feels rough, flat, and dirty. A professional cleaning will remove these problems by removing any particulates and oils that a carpet can collect over time. A carpet needs to be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on how many people live in the house and how much activity it gets. But the most important part is choosing the right cleaning system. Some cleaning systems leave behind residue that defeats the purpose.