How to Properly Clean a Rug

To clean a rug properly, you can use a mild dish detergent and warm water. Be careful not to use hot water when cleaning a rug, as it can shrink the fabric and cause fading. Before using a cleaning solution, test a small area first. If the area looks clean, you can move on to the next step. oriental rug cleaning company

Experts recommend professional rug cleaning

Rug cleaning professionals can provide a wide range of benefits for your rug. By getting your rug professionally cleaned, you will not only keep it looking great, but you’ll also maintain the carpet’s warranty. Experts recommend professional rug cleaning at least once a year to maintain its appearance. You can also take care of spills and stains yourself by using a mild dish detergent with warm water. However, if the stain is particularly difficult to remove, professional rug cleaners may be able to help.

Rug cleaning services will remove dirt and debris from your rugs, bringing the vibrant colors and luster back to your rugs. You can vacuum your rugs every few weeks, but vacuuming alone won’t stop the buildup of dust and grime. Those abrasive particles cut into the fibers of the carpet, causing wear and tear. In addition, the hidden grime can encourage the growth of bacteria and pests.


When cleaning rugs, it is important to understand the proper methods. Whether your rugs are handmade or machine-made, they should be handled carefully to avoid damaging them. You should also choose the appropriate cleaning equipment and solutions. You should also consider how old and unique your rugs are. To make the cleaning process easier, you can divide them according to their style, age, and condition.

During the cleaning process, rug cleaners will first vacuum and shake out the embedded dirt. They will then use a detergent solution that liquefies the dirt without wetting the rug completely. This solution will also help to remove marks and stains. Once the cleaning process is completed, the cleaner will hang your rug on a clothesline or a railing to let air circulate through it.


The cost of rug cleaning varies widely, depending on the type of rug and its size. Generally, the average price ranges from $1 to $8 per square foot. Rugs can be cleaned by steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or hand washing. Homeowners often insure their rugs, which can bring additional costs.

Domestic rugs are cheaper to clean than oriental or specialty rugs. They contain natural fibers like wool and can be as expensive as $3 or $8 per square foot. However, if your rug is made of synthetic fibers, the cost will be more expensive.


Routine rug cleaning is essential if you want to keep your rugs looking great for a long time. Even if you don’t use your rugs much, they can collect a lot of dust and dirt over time. Moreover, dust and dirt can attract bacteria and germs which can eventually lead to an infestation problem. Vacuuming will only remove surface dirt but will not reach the deep fibers of your rugs.

To clean a rug, use a cleaning solution that can dissolve dirt and remove stains. Afterward, work the solution into a lather on the rug. Let the solution sit for at least five minutes. This helps the soap lift dirt and soil from the rug. Then, rinse it with a garden hose or bucket of fresh water. The water should run clear.

Conditions that affect rugs

If you have a wool or silk rug, it is important to keep certain conditions in mind when cleaning it. These conditions include excessive moisture, sunlight, and time. These conditions affect the fibers and backing of the rug and can degrade its quality. You should avoid excessive moisture as much as possible, and use proper drying techniques. This will help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and protect the rug’s fibers. Too much moisture also causes the dyes in the rug to bleed, which can lead to damage.

Generally speaking, area rugs and oriental rugs should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust and debris. However, you should avoid the use of beater bars or other vacuum cleaner attachments as they could harm the fringe. It is also important to use a good quality pad to prevent slippage. If you do spill something on your rug, you should blot it immediately and use a white vinegar-water solution to remove it. Make sure to avoid wetting the backing of your rug, which could make the stain worse.