How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are a treasured item of home decor, but they can also be damaged by pets. Dogs, particularly, can use strange places to pee, and it is important to clean up spills immediately. The most effective method is to protect the rugs from pets and prevent them from getting on them in the first place.

Oriental rugs are often made from cotton, silk, or wool. Because of their natural fibers, they need special care during the cleaning process. Therefore, a trained technician uses specially-formulated cleaning agents and modern cleaning equipment to protect the rugs from damage. The chemicals used for cleaning oriental rugs should also be tested for colorfastness. airduct cleaning

If the oriental rug cleaning method involves the use of a detergent, you must follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for using it. Do not use a cleaner that contains bleach. The chemicals in bleach can remove the color of your rug. Always test a product on the rug before using it, and don’t use the same one for your other cleaning jobs. Moreover, do not mix cleaning products for oriental rugs, as this can damage the color of your rug.

Using a wet/dry vacuum will help you clean an oriental rug and remove any dirt. It’s best to vacuum the rug from both sides. You can also use a broom with natural straw bristles for this purpose. While sweeping the rug, it is important to do so slowly and in the direction of the nap, to avoid damaging the fibers.

Regular cleaning and conditioning will help keep your oriental rug looking its best for a long time. You’ll also want to consider protecting your rug with a rug pad to avoid damaging it. This will help keep it from absorbing any spills or water. You can also use a mild detergent-white-vinegar solution for spot cleaning.

In general, Oriental rugs should be deep cleaned once or twice a year. High-traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning. You can also test the dirt on a rug by gently rubbing it with your hand. You can also use carpet shampoo and detergent to remove dust and debris. However, carpet cleaners may damage or bleach the fibers of an oriental rug.

Urine stains can damage your rug. Urine is a base that causes dyes in oriental rugs to run. To remove a urine stain, you need to clean the area first. To do this, you can use wet cloth towels or paper towels. You can also use a weighted object to absorb more moisture. However, make sure that the cloth is not overly wet.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent the fibers from being damaged. Vacuuming regularly will help remove surface dirt, but it won’t remove dirt that’s embedded beneath the backing. Airborne dust and dirt are also harmful to your rug. This can cause it to lose its durability, so it’s vital to have your rug professionally cleaned to avoid damaging it.