How to Properly Clean an Oriental Rug

It is important to keep your Oriental rugs clean to avoid stains. Regular vacuuming will help get rid of dirt and dust. While frequent vacuuming may loosen fibers, it is generally safe to do so once every two weeks. It is also important to use the right cleaning solution. The best way to clean an Oriental rug is to clean it through the fibers rather than just scrubbing it. Carpet Cleaning company

To begin oriental rug cleaning, lay out the rug on a flat surface. Ideally, you should clean both sides of the rug. Then, use a vacuum to lift up the most dirt. After completing this step, turn the rug over to clean the other side. After vacuuming it, shake it well to remove dust and debris.

When cleaning Oriental rugs, it is important to use a soft brush with long bristles. Remember to clean with the “grain” of the rug, which is important to avoid damaging it. Also, make sure that you clean in a direction that will prevent the fibers from curling and snagging. You should also remember that Oriental rugs are often heavy, so pick them up carefully. After cleaning, let the rug dry in a warm, dry place.

When cleaning an Oriental rug, you should carefully choose the type of materials that make it. Better-quality rugs are generally made from silk, cotton, or wool. Because of the natural fibers, these rugs require special care during cleaning. Professional technicians use cleaning agents specially designed for these types of rugs. They also use modern equipment that will prevent damage to the fibers.

In addition to cleaning the fibers, you should also take care of the fringe. The fringe is very delicate and needs to be cleaned carefully. Hand-woven Oriental rugs are best cleaned by professional cleaners. However, you can clean machine-woven rugs at home by using a white vinegar solution. Just make sure to avoid using brushes that are too rough.

Once you’ve cleaned the rugs, you should protect them from the damage caused by pets. Pets can leave unpleasant stains and urine. Ensure that you do not allow your pets to access the area rugs. Pets, especially dogs, are prone to peeing in strange places, so it is best to use carpet protector.

Regular cleaning of your oriental rugs will ensure that they last for many years. Regular vacuuming will keep them looking new. Spot cleaning can also help prevent stains from becoming permanent. Vacuuming and shaking your rugs regularly will also help them keep their clean appearance. You can use a mild detergent-white vinegar solution for spot cleaning. You should also use a fan to speed up the drying process.

Professional oriental rug cleaning services can help you save money and maintain your beautiful oriental rugs. While they are not as convenient as a DIY project, you can still avoid the hassle of a damaged rug. The cost of a professional cleaning service varies based on the size of your rug. Some companies charge as little as $.49 per square foot, but you should also make sure to carefully consider your budget when choosing a professional.