Is Air Duct Cleaning Right For Your Home?

Why is air duct cleaning important? Cleaner air is better for everyone. Pollutants that enter the lungs and nose can contribute to sneezing, coughing, sinus congestion, and bronchial congestion. By getting your air ducts cleaned, you can breathe easier and enjoy a healthier home. If you are wondering whether air duct cleaning is right for your home, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of air duct cleaning. Carpet Cleaning company

Professional air duct cleaning services are regulated by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). The association requires all member companies to have a certified Air System Cleaning Specialist on staff. The list below is a great starting point for finding a reliable and trustworthy company in your area. A NADCA-certified air duct cleaning company will also be able to explain how to use the proper equipment and methods for your home’s HVAC system.

You should schedule air duct cleaning at least once a year if you have recently undergone construction. The process of construction is extremely messy and dust from the construction site will enter the ductwork. This dust will contain particles that may cause a range of respiratory problems, including asthma. If you’re concerned about the dust in your ducts, make sure you call in the professionals to do the job properly. You may be surprised at how many people don’t realize they need air duct cleaning, and most don’t.

The procedure begins by using negative pressure to remove debris and dust. The technician then uses specialized tools to scrub the walls of the ducts. These tools can also reduce the amount of dust and debris in the air. Once the cleaning is complete, the technician will inspect the ducts for any traces of debris that may have made their way back into the home. There are several levels of service based on the duct’s cleanliness and how long it has been since the last cleaning.

Some ducts may be insulated and not visible. While this may make it difficult to see, it is important to have the insulation replaced to avoid mold growth, which can lead to expensive repairs. Furthermore, if the air ducts are insulated, you can’t effectively clean them and should replace them. In such a situation, you should contact a professional HVAC company that has experience in insulating air ducts.

Moreover, dirty ducts are bad for your health. This is especially true for those who are susceptible to certain conditions, such as asthma or allergies. Mold can be hazardous to your health, especially if it is exposed to moisture. The mold spores in the air can cause allergic reactions and even toxic poisoning. Aside from that, it is also hard to clean the air ducts yourself, so a professional is recommended.

Air duct cleaning services may suggest chemical biocides. These are designed to kill microbes and viruses, but they may also be able to sanitize the interior of bare sheet metal ducts. Some of these products may not be safe to use in your air ducts, and some directions might not be appropriate. For example, a “rinse with water” might stimulate the growth of mold.