Household carpets get a ton of wear and tear throughout the years. You may walk on them with shoes on, or spill countless things such as soda and wine. This alone makes carpets dirty, in addition to the natural dust and dirt that accumulates over time. There are a few natural, at home cleaning tips for you to keep your carpet clean.

This may seem obvious, but is often neglected by homeowners: Vacuuming. Vacuuming is easy, and should be done almost every day. Widely sold commercial cleaners are not advised when looking to clean your carpets safely and naturally. Instead, stick with regular vacuuming as your number one natural method.

When something spills, be sure to immediately tend to it to avoid staining. Salt is a good absorbent and can help to suck up spills and prevent them from turning into stains. Additionally, using a damp cloth to blot the stain out of the carpet is another effective spill removal remedy.

If you have pets, you’re aware that they can leave behind an odor on carpets. As a natural treatment against pet odor, rely on The Wiz Team.

If you are still looking for a natural carpet cleaning treatment, contact The Wiz Team to schedule an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning in Dallas. We offer natural carpet cleaning that is safe for your children and pets, and our fast drying treatment will leave your carpets dry in as little as two to three hours after we leave.

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