Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Service

Wiz Team, Inc. is the only Certified Master Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Specialist in all of Lake County, Cook County, and McHenry County, who utilize a hands on cleaning method to ensure the highest quality of area rug cleaning. An area rug is a great addition to any room, they receive a fair amount of traffic and can quickly become dirty. Oriental rugs can be a lifetime purchase and should last generation after generation if cared for properly. Even though your rug may look clean, the normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your area rug. Vacuuming alone cannot remove all contaminants, which is why only a certified Master Rug Cleaner should care for such beautiful and functional pieces of art.  At Wiz Team, Inc., we use the most modern tools when appropriate but never at the expense of saving time or losing our careful attention to details, the corner stone of our rug cleaning process.

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Our Master Rug Cleaner treats each rug with special attention, consideration, and our cleaning process is customized for each particular rug, whether they are natural fiber or synthetic. We also specialize in cleaning Fine Fabrics and Textiles, Tapestries, and wall hangings. We are especially knowledgeable about hand-woven and loomed textiles that require extensive knowledge, experience through careful cleaning and care to extend the life and beauty of the rugs we clean.

At the Wiz Team, Inc. rug studio – we clean and care for many rugs from machine-made pieces to handmade one of a kind fine oriental rugs made out of wool and silks from all over the world. Get in touch today for a free consultation and let our experts take care of all your Area Rug Cleaning needs!

How we clean your Oriental Area Rugs?

Rugs Treated With The Proper Care Techniques
  • We always starting with a rug inspection, due to wide variety in construction materials, types and styles of rugs, our Certified Master Rug Technician will carefully examine, identify and inspect all rugs to determine: pre-existing conditions that may need to be addressed, fiber content, colorfastness, cleaning concerns and the appropriate cleaning method. Being able to ID the rug is critical to proper cleaning. Knowing what we will be working with will allow us to give your area rugs the best cleaning.

  • We will remove furniture off of your area rug, properly tag your area rug, roll and safely load it into our truck for transportation to our facility for proper care.

  • Once at our rug studio we begin the dusting process and vacuuming, we use special dusting machine that will safely remove deeply imbedded dust, sand and other dry soils from within the area rugs foundation and fibers.

  • Next your area rugs goes through special pre-treatment depending on dye stability, spots removal process, and other necessary or selected treatment services.

  • We follow up with our washing process, your area rug gets fully cleaned backside, face side, fringes (depending on style of area rug). Depending on findings during the identification and inspection process, qualified area rugs, will undergo a full submersion in cold clean water and natrual rug shampoos. Our area rug care products are utilized for a deep flushing while the entire process is accomplished by hand and with specialty tools made for oriental area rugs. Other area rugs that may have different overall integrity, stability, and soil levels may go through a cold extraction process method or may require cleaning with a strictly dry-cleaning method, such as dry solvents or a full dry-cleaning procedure using micro-absorbent sponges and super soft brushes are used for mild agitation.

  • The rinsing process is a must for all area rugs to get rid of any cleaning residues and impurities.

  • Fringes get fully cleaned if applicable using 100% natural cleaning agent, hot water, and agitation, extraction with fringe cleaning tools and brushing.

  • Finally, area rugs go through the drying process in our drying chamber with controlled temperature and humidity and constant introduction of fresh clean, filtered, air flow.

  • We will apply a protective finish or additional treatments depending on the unique situation and needs of your area rug.

  • All area rugs go through a final inspection before delivery where additional touch ups or treatments may be needed.

  • Final delivery to your home and placement in the designated area, final inspection is performed with homeowners, of the cleaning outcome to make sure you are amazed with the cleaning results.



Questions & Answers

Area rugs are processed in the order which they are received in our area rug washing facility. Typically, the turnaround time is 7-10 business days depending on your area rug and many other elements that go in to the proper cleaning of your specific area rug. We always try to return you area rug, as soon as it has been properly cleaned and fully dry, back to you.

Every area rug requires specific treatment based on its origin, whether it is handmade, machine made, synthetic, or natural fibers, soil level, age and the list goes on. Every area rug goes through a rigorous inspection to identify the rug first, cleaning method is determined that will be best suited for your specific area rug. Once a cleaning procedure has been custom selected for your area rug, it will begin with our dusting process, vacuuming process, pre-spotting treatment, urine decontamination*, odor treatment*, fugitive dye stabilization, cleaning and rinsing process, drying process in our drying chamber which is a controlled environment, then we proceed onto fringe detailing, grooming, post vacuuming, and pre-delivery final inspection, and finally the area rug is delivered back to your home or business and installed if requested. Please see our multi-step cleaning procedure outline.

That depends on the type of oriental or area rug, type of fiber, soil level, pre-existing spots or staining, fringe fiber and overall condition of the area rug and its size. We cannot give you a price over the phone because each rug is a unique combination of factors and we must perform a full inspection of your rug in order to give you proper cleaning and care cost. We provide either a free in-home consultation or you can simply bring your rug to our rug cleaning studio where one of our certified master rug cleaners will identify your rug, perform an inspection and provide you with an exact written quote for your unique area rug cleaning. Our prices go from $3 to $9* per Sq.Ft. depending on your specific rug. For assistance you are always welcome to contact our friendly office at 847-526-6060.

No, we do not recommend any type of steam or hot extraction to be used on your area rug due to intricate and delicate fiber and materials that go in to making one of a kind rug. Oriental rugs are made of natural fibers: (wool, cotton, silk) and together with these factors, the dyes in most area rugs are sensitive to heat or aggressive cleaning agents. Also some machine made area rugs utilize very fine natural fibers that will easily get damaged. Synthetic rugs are made of synthetic fibers and they can get damaged by aggressive or improper cleaning methods. We utilize unique cleaning methods for every area rug to get the most out of your area rug but always using the finest, gentlest, and approved cleaning agents and tools to achieve the best results without any damage to your area rug. If you are looking to get your rugs properly cleaned, please call your local Wool Safe Cleaning Provider and Certified Master Rug Cleaner to take care of your area rugs.

Yes, we go to our clients home to pick up their area rugs all the time. Before pick up of your rug we would have already performed your free in-home consultation and you have your written quote. We ask all clients to remove all breakables, lamps, knickknacks to make it easier to move your furniture at the time of pick up or delivery. We remove your area rug and safely bring it to our facilities for cleaning. Once the cleaning process has been completed and your area rug is ready to come home, we will pre-schedule a date and time, when best works for you. We will then delivery and re-install you rug, in its place, as well as, place your furniture back to its original order. We do not move pianos, large antique furnishings, or any heavy pieces required more than 2 technicians. In these instances, we ask you to hire a professional moving company to assist to make your rug free for pick up.

Accidents happen! We do provide solutions for your rug! When urine enters the rug fiber, unless discovered right away and removed; it will result in yellow staining on the face of the fiber. However, the problem is a little deeper; Urine penetrates into the rugs foundation and sometimes into the rug pad. We advise not to use any over the counter products marketed at pet owners as these may contain optical brighteners and oxidizing agents which can severely and permanent damage your area rug. Contact Wiz Team, Inc. and ask to speak to a Master certified area rug cleaning specialist – they will best advise you for your specific situation and what steps you should take to preserve your rug. If this is an a problem that has been going on for a length of time – it is advisable that you schedule a free in-home consultation to determine the best cleaning methods and solutions for your rug to minimize further damage to your rug.