You spent weeks sorting through multiple carpet samples, days preparing for the installation in your home, hours arranging your furniture and enjoying your beautiful new carpeting – and minutes for an accident to happen. Stuff happens.

Unfortunately, at some point your carpeting may become stained or damaged. Are you wondering if you should you fix it yourself or call in the pros? Read on.

On your own

Tackling carpet patching on your own depends on several factors. The first one is your patience level, experience and handiness and how badly the carpeting is damaged. If you have scraps of carpeting left over from your install, you are halfway to getting the job done. If a small section of carpeting is damaged, you can cut away the stained or damaged area and glue in a replacement piece from your carpeting scraps. You may need to trim the carpet or position it to match the fiber path. If you don’t feel up to the task, you may want to hire a pro.

Hiring a professional

The best part about hiring someone to help fix your carpeting problem is you are dealing with a professional who has experience in carpet cleaning and repair. Whether your carpeting is damaged due to staining, burns or buckling, a professional can assess the situation, send a trained technician to solve the problem and guarantee their work.

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