Rug Cleaners Near Me

Whether you’ve bought a brand-new rug or just cleaned one that looks dingy, you’ll need to hire the services of a rug cleaner to keep it looking its best. Some rugs require special cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning, cold/hot water extraction, or hand washing. Synthetic rugs are particularly vulnerable to fading and flattening. Keeping them clean is essential for maintaining their fresh look and increasing their lifespan. Water-based stains can be wiped out with a damp cloth, but oil-based stains may require professional methods. rug cleaning

Ideally, you should clean your rug every four months or so. However, area rugs exposed to traffic may need more frequent cleaning. The cleaning process should be done with respect for the delicate nature of these rugs. For example, you should only use a small amount of water to clean a polyester-made rug. To remove stubborn stains, it is important to scoop out the solid matter and remove as much of it as possible before you begin the cleaning process.

Before you hire a rug cleaner, make sure you check out the company’s background, experience, and reputation. If possible, choose a company with at least five years of experience. Also, consider using eco-friendly cleaning products to protect your rug. WoolSafe is an example of an eco-friendly cleaning product.

Another way to clean a rug at home is to use baking soda. It can be applied to the stain with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. Let it sit overnight before vacuuming it. This will help get rid of the stain, and it will also promote drying. If the cleaning solution isn’t successful, you can try a homemade solution of a cup of white vinegar and two cups of lukewarm water.

A professional rug cleaner can clean your rugs for an affordable price, as well as restore their original beauty. Professional rug cleaners can remove deep-down dirt and restore their luster. This can improve their look, longevity, and air quality. If you’re interested in hiring a rug cleaner, consider getting three quotes from different companies.

Typically, you’ll pay between $30 and $100 per square foot for an area rug. You can also pay for a rug cleaning that is followed by a dry cleaning process. Some rug cleaners will combine the two services. If you have a rug that requires steam cleaning, you’ll pay an extra $1 to $4 per square foot.

Rug cleaning costs vary by material and age. Synthetic fibers are cheaper to clean, while natural fibers are more expensive. If you have a handwoven, antique, or Oriental rug, you should choose hand washing, as this method will prevent damage to the fibers and weave. Also, professional rug cleaners can offer additional treatments such as anti-odor treatments and stain removal to preserve the appearance of your rugs.