Things that you can’t actually see but are always there can pose a great threat. Dirt on upholstery is one of them. Upholstery might seem clean and harmless with not an ounce of dirt on it. But the reality doesn’t say so.

Diseases Caused By Dirty Upholstery

Your so-cleaned-looking upholstery carries a lot of bacteria and dirt which in turn can give health problems and can be unhealthy for your family members. there are various diseases that are caused because of filthy upholstery which are mentioned below.  The contamination which occurs in “soft goods” or also known as upholstered furnishings occurs from things such as everyday life, visitors who are not native in your home, and simply having people over. We all carry on our person – every place we have been. Small micro-organisms, particulates, germs, and bacteria stick to us from every place we visit, sit down, or touch. When we come home and throw ourselves into our favorite lounger or toss our coats onto the love seat – those micro-organisms and particulates transfer onto your upholstery! Over time, they burrow deeper and deeper into the soft fabrics. With ample amounts of organic material deeply embedded it is unfortunately a breeding ground for bacteria and possible illness for you and your family.


Top 5 Diseases Caused By Dirty Upholstery

Skin infection

Dirty upholstery contains irritants, living, and non-living, which can cause itching, redness, and, in some cases, swelling. The bare lower side of the arm gets maximum contact with upholstery and is mostly affected by dirty upholstery.

The dirty particles on upholstery also attract other pests like rodents, making the condition even worse. In some of the cases, asthma is caused by these irritants carrying germs.


Respiratory problems

Pet’s hair, dirt in the air, human skin cells add to the already accumulated bacteria on upholstery in the form of microbes, molds, and dust mites. These microorganisms can lead to a number of respiratory problems like allergies, cough, runny noses, irritation in the nose, and even trigger asthma. Prolonged exposure to these can even result in neurotoxicity, hypersensitivity, and cancer.



Allergies are common and predominant. Accumulated dirt for a prolonged period eventually awakes the allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can be in the form of continuous sneezing, itchy skin, throat infection, and malaise.


Gastrointestinal infections

Kids usually have the habit of picking things lying on sofas and floor and keeping them in the mouth. This causes the transmission of bacteria from dirty upholstery to their stomach, thus causing intestinal infections and other diseases.



According to studies, a clean and healthy environment provides tranquility to heart and soul whereas a dirty and unhealthy environment leads to stress. Stress may don’t harm you immediately but work as a slow poison for your body. It weakens your immune system and gradually makes you susceptible to diseases. It is a proven fact that people who stress a lot are more prone to having a heart attack and heart strokes and other heart diseases.


The following diseases may not sound so serious but can still pose to be lethal if underestimated. Cleaning upholstery is not that difficult when you have professionals around. Spending a little money on upholstery is better than spending it over medical bills.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

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