Water damage is inevitable and occurs at least once to every homeowner. Drying out your hardwood, tile or carpet floor can seem like a simple task but often goes unresolved. When you simply wipe away water with a towel, some of it seeps into the floor and creates mold.

Wiz Clean uses sophisticated technology to provide top-tier water removal and drying services. We also remove mold from your home! Check out below for some steps you can take to get started with your water removal process.

Naturally Move Air

When humidity isn’t too high, open doors and windows for circulation. Make sure to remove all drawers as well!

Mechanically Move Air

You can speed up the circulation by purchasing a high-powered fan from your local hardware store. These generally range from $50-$500 depending on the size. Never use your own central air conditioning system when HVAC systems are plunged into the water.


A dehumidifier will remove water vapor from a contained area such as a living room or playroom.Make sure the doors and windows are closed so no humidity gets inside. If you purchase a larger dehumidifier, this will save you time on emptying the water drawer.