The Benefits of Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Company

Choosing the best air duct cleaning company is an essential part of maintaining your home’s indoor air quality. This is because ductwork contains all sorts of contaminants. Not only does cleaning your air ducts remove these contaminants, but it also disinfects them. However, not every company offers this service, so make sure you ask what they do before hiring them. Furthermore, a good air duct cleaning company should offer a guarantee. Moreover, they should also have experience cleaning similar homes. rug cleaning

Many people may be tempted to clean their own air ducts, but the reality is that they can’t. The interior of your ducts can become clogged with dust and pet hair. Also, vacuuming is not effective in dislodging this buildup. Fortunately, there are a variety of specialty devices that can help you achieve the best cleaning. Listed below are the benefits of hiring an air duct cleaning company:

Before a company begins work on cleaning your air ducts, it will first do a thorough inspection of your home’s air ducts. A professional company will have a video camera to check the ducts, then attach a powerful vacuum to them. Next, the technician will seal all the registers throughout your home. Once that’s complete, they will begin cleaning by covering and uncovering registers. This process will allow them to remove all traces of dirt and debris from your air ducts.

While you are hiring an air duct cleaning company, you should also ask for a company that is accredited by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. NADCA is an organization of HVAC contractors. You can look up a company’s accreditation online by checking its registration with the organization. Besides ensuring that the air duct cleaning company has a certified technician, they also have insurance. By choosing a certified air duct cleaning company, you will ensure your home’s air ducts are free of harmful germs and contaminants.

If you suspect you have mold in your air ducts, you should seek a second opinion. Some companies use antimicrobial chemicals in their process. While this method does not eliminate the microbial growth, it eliminates visible fungi and bacteria. It also requires the use of specialized equipment and chemicals. The cost of air duct cleaning can range from $700 to $2000. If you’re worried about the cost, you can check out NADCA’s white paper on chemical applications in HVAC systems.

Reputable air duct cleaning companies will offer free estimates to assess the size of your home’s air ducts. Make sure to compare three estimates before choosing an air duct cleaning company. Do not settle for the first one you see on the Internet. If you do decide to hire a professional, you should ask for written estimates and compare prices. Also, avoid companies that offer coupons or discounts. Unless you’re sure of the quality of the air duct cleaning company, you’re better off hiring someone who offers quality work at a fair price.

Whether you choose a professional or do it yourself, air duct cleaning is essential for maintaining the air quality in your home. If they’re infested with pests, you’ll need to call an air duct cleaning company. It’s also beneficial to have the air ducts cleaned to avoid a buildup of dust and other debris. A clean duct will help improve your heating and cooling efficiency. Likewise, it will improve the quality of the air inside your home.