Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Oriental Rug Cleaner

If you are considering getting an oriental rug for your home, there are some things that you should know before hiring a cleaner. While you may not have to clean an oriental rug every year, you should still make sure to get it cleaned by professionals every four to five years. Regular cleaning can help keep it looking and feeling its best for many years. In addition, professional rug cleaners are able to prevent stains from setting in. Listed below are some things that you should know before hiring an oriental rug cleaner. rug cleaners near me

Professional Oriental rug cleaners are trained to use a special mixture of water and soap to get the best results. The mixture is used to remove dirt, grime, and other debris from your rug. The cleaning process takes time, and it is best to leave the rug soaking for several hours if it is particularly dirty. A good solution to use for cleaning the fringe is a vinegar and water mixture. It is recommended to use white vinegar, which is acidic, instead of harsh cleaners.

Professional rug cleaners should avoid heating up wool or silk rugs, as the wrong temperature can cause permanent staining and dye bleeding. Oriental rug cleaners never use heat on the fibers, and use cold, pH-corrected water instead. They use a special process to protect rugs from damage caused by the sun. Pets can cause mite and mildew infestation, and high humidity can lead to a number of different problems for your rugs.

Pet owners should also be aware of how to care for their rugs. Many rugs are porous and catch dirt from every walk through. In addition to the need for regular cleaning, owners should also consider pet-proofing their home to minimize the risk of further stains. Pet owners can also take the help of a rug manufacturer or seller to choose the right type of rug for their pets. Once the rug has been cleaned, the next step is to rinse it thoroughly to remove any remaining dirt or moisture.

Besides using steam cleaners, Persian rugs should also be vacuumed to remove dirt and dust. Vacuuming is an effective way to clean an oriental rug, but make sure to use a low-pile carpet attachment, as fringing and other parts can be caught in the vacuum hose. You can also use a wet cloth towel or paper towel to absorb urine stains. Make sure that you do not over-wet the cloth so it is too wet.

A good oriental rug cleaner will know how to properly treat your rugs to prevent them from getting damaged. They will use the right cleaning techniques, and industrially-tested cleaning solutions to restore your rug’s natural beauty. In addition to regular cleaning, they may also do other services like moth damage repair, mildew and mold treatments, and color restoration. Additionally, they can reweave, patch, and bind your rugs.