Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

At Wiz Team, Inc. our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service utilizes botanical and natural cleaning agents to ensure that your home is safe from harsh chemicals. Tile and Grout is one of the most overlooked floor surfaces in homes and businesses and are notoriously difficult to clean. Standard cleaning methods such as regular mopping, cleaning by hand and small brush using general tile cleaners – simply cannot get it cleaned, especially if you’re trying to eliminate deeply embedded soil from your grout lines. 

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We use specialty equipment that will deeply clean your tile surfaces and grout lines by using hot extraction method, pressurized purified water and appropriate tile and grout cleaners. Our powerful vacuum system then extracts the dirty water, restoring luster and color to your tile surfaces. Grout lines are also left clean, fresh and renewed after our professional technicians have worked their magic! We will make your tile and grout look and feel like new again. In addition, we will remove bacteria, germs, and microorganisms from your floor leaving your home or business clean and healthy. We make it our priority to help you get the most out of your tile and grout cleaning service. Let us bring back the shine in your home!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process:

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  • Our tile and grout cleaning process starts with in house or business floor inspection and testing of your tiled floor. We will look for the floor condition, missing grout lines, soil level, and determine the best product and equipment for your specific type of floor and grout.

  • We will perform our free cleaning test or cleaning sample to ensure proper cleaning agent gets used during cleaning and to see what kind of cleaning results can be expected.

  • Then we begin with pre-vacuuming of the entire area using our HEPA Vacuum to remove any dry particulates, dust, or debris. We will move any furniture our of the cleaning area.

  • We will apply our expert selected specialty cleaning agent unique for your floor type to penetrate the grout lines and to loosen up deeply imbedded soil and dirt, we will follow up with hand agitation using precision brushes designed to clean in hard to reach areas, open areas will be scrubbed with power brushes to release dirt for removal.

  • Next, we use our rotating jets attachments powered by hot, pressurized water and vacuum attachments to clean and rinse all cleaning agents, and extract away all the dirt from your floor.

  • The next step is drying, we will use professional drying equipment to speed dry tile and grout surfaces.

  • Lastly, application of grout sealer in to the grout lines to protect your grout from spills, spots, and resoling allowing your tile and grout to be easily maintained after restorative deep cleaning.

  • Your floor will be dry and ready for use within a few hours.



Questions & Answers

It is a clear penetrating product that gets applied on tiles and grout allowing additional protection from spills and dirt, keeping your floor clean. Grout sealer penetrates grout lines and shield grout from soil redepositing during time between cleanings. Sealer does not change color or surface feel of your tile and grout. Full cure time is 24 hours.

Surface will be dry in 30 minutes after cleaning and you can walk on it. However, full drying may take few hours depending on flooring type.

Our technicians will give you special instructions how to care for your floor to look its absolute best. We recommend the use of neutral cleaners and microfiber pads for good absorbency, avoid using strong cleaners or bleaching agents since they may have negative impact on sealer performance and overall grout integrity.

Like with anything else, many factors must be considered when frequency of tile and grout cleaning is determined. Frequency of floor use, foot traffic, location of your tile and grout floor, pets and systems used for routine maintenance all of this will affect how often your floor should be deep cleaned.

That depends on many elements: type of tiles, soil level, previous sealers or lack of sealers, etc. We inspect every floor and perform a free cleaning test to make sure we will meet your expectations and we provide you with a written estimate with the exact cost prior to any obligation or commitment of cleaning your tile and grout.