Tips For Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art, and they require the right care to stay looking beautiful. Vacuuming them regularly will prevent stains and keep them looking new for longer. Here are some helpful tips for vacuuming your rug. If you’re unsure how to clean your rug properly, read on to learn more about cleaning your oriental rugs. Listed below are some tips that may help you keep your rugs looking new. rug cleaners

Regularly vacuuming and shaking your rugs is a great way to maintain their appearance and prevent them from wearing out prematurely. Rugs that are constantly exposed to foot traffic may need a break. Spot cleaning will keep them looking new longer by removing dirt before it becomes permanent. Vacuuming every two weeks is usually enough to remove most dirt and debris. If the rugs are exposed to high levels of foot traffic, consider moving them to a different area of your home.

When you clean an Oriental rug yourself, make sure to avoid dredging it with water. Use a wet/dry vacuum or towels to soak up the water. Vacuuming your rugs regularly will help keep them free of dirt and moisture, but frequent vacuuming will loosen their fibers. A safe frequency for vacuuming your rugs is once every two weeks. For most rugs, a wet/dry vacuum will be sufficient.

Pet stains are very difficult to remove. Pet urine stains are especially hard to remove, as the base consists of urine, which causes the dyes in the rugs to run. Soaking the urine with a wet cloth towel will help prevent it from spreading. You may want to place a weighted object on top of the wet cloth to help increase the absorption process. However, be sure to use a damp cloth that is not too wet.

To ensure the best cleaning results, you can consult a professional oriental rug cleaner. Most Oriental rugs require two hours of cleaning, and may need several days to dry. A professional Oriental rug cleaner will be able to get deeper into the fibers of the rug. However, if you’re unsure of whether you can safely use a certain rug in your home, consult with a rug manufacturer or seller. If you have a pet, make sure to clean it properly as well as use a rug pad underneath to prevent moisture from penetrating the rug’s fiber roots.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that heat can ruin wool and silk rugs. If the temperature is too hot, it can cause shrinking, color bleeding, and twisting of the fibers. Professional Oriental rug cleaners will never use hot water, and only use cold water with pH corrected water. They also create a separate bath for each rug. By keeping temperatures cool and using cold water, you can avoid these common problems while keeping your rugs looking great!