Why It Is Important To Hire A Professional Oriental Rug Cleaner

There are several reasons why it is essential to hire a professional Oriental rug cleaner. These rugs contain delicate fibres that can be damaged by harsh chemicals. Heat can also cause the dye to bleed, especially on wool rugs. Professional oriental rug cleaners avoid heating up rugs, and only use cold water with pH corrected solutions. They also create a unique bath for each rug to avoid damaging it. oriental rug cleaning

Professional Oriental rug cleaners can perform dry cleaning and wet cleaning, which may be necessary if certain colors or details are damaged. Dry cleaning, also known as solid cleaning, is an effective method, but only works for rugs that are lightly soiled. This method will not remove stains that have been absorbed deep within the fibers.

Regular cleaning is also necessary to keep your oriental rugs in good condition. Ideally, your rugs should be cleaned every four to five years. This helps maintain their natural fibers and structural integrity. Regular cleaning will help you prevent stains and keep your rugs looking their best. If you plan on cleaning your rugs yourself, make sure to contact a professional oriental rug cleaner every 4 or 5 years to get your rugs cleaned properly.

Whether you own a handmade rug or have an antique Persian rug that you are hoping to sell, hiring a professional Oriental rug cleaner is the best way to keep them in pristine condition. These rugs are very delicate and must be handled by specialists. The proper care should be taken to protect them from fading, dust, and moth damage.

Routine vacuuming is also vital to keep your rugs clean. It is important to avoid over-vacuuming your rugs, as this can damage the fringe. Vacuuming will also prevent stains from setting in. Taking care of your oriental rug will help your rugs last a long time.

Oriental rugs are fragile and can be very costly. Having them professionally cleaned will prevent damage to your rugs, and you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for a long time to come. A good oriental rug cleaner should offer you a consultation and an estimate for the cleaning. They should be qualified and have positive reviews. Their specialized cleaning products are designed to protect the natural fibers of your rugs. This way, the rug cleaner won’t damage them with harsh detergents or solvents.

Oriental rug cleaning is not an easy task and it’s crucial to know the proper techniques and methods for cleaning them. A professional rug cleaner will employ a special process called rug filtering. This involves pumping an acid-based cleaner over the rug and filtering the liquid. This process is repeated until the liquid comes out clean. Afterward, the cleaner will dry your rug with clean water. Depending on the size and type of your rug, you can get an Oriental rug cleaned for less than $.49 per square foot.