Wiz Team – Event Data Experts

Wiz can scan any workload or technology in a cloud environment. It connects to cloud providers via API, and supports virtual machines, containers, and serverless. With Wiz, you can avoid costly mistakes or downtime by analyzing and preventing security risks. And it’s easy to use. With its comprehensive cloud security, you can rest easy knowing that your cloud environment is protected. airduct cleaning near me

Wiz Security Graph

The Wiz Security Graph is a risk management solution that correlates disparate signals to prioritize critical risks. It provides context to incident responders. For example, an SSH brute force attack on a publicly accessible asset with password authentication and high permissions will trigger an alert, enabling incident responders to take the appropriate actions.

The Wiz Security Graph visualizes the interdependence between cloud technologies and networks. It presents a clear and meaningful context so that developers can proactively address issues and minimize risk. The platform continuously monitors network and identity configurations to identify risk and vulnerability. It also visualizes identities and secrets, which are important to preventing breaches.

Event-Works mobile apps

Wiz Team is a Swiss-based event consultancy and data management company. They have been providing services for events for over 12 years and have an extensive network of event partners. In addition to developing mobile apps, they offer event management services, including online registration, event mobile apps, accreditation management, and activity and volunteer management.

The Event-Works mobile app is designed for event organizers, and allows them to manage seating allocations and other important features. To use the app, event organizers must have a license and account with Event-Works. It also features the ability to scan badges, accreditations, and credentials. Users can login to Event-Works through an online mode, or they can use dual authentication by scanning a QR code.

Event data experts

WizTeam is a global organisation comprised of experienced event professionals. Its mission is to transform the event industry by providing digital solutions that empower event managers to deliver world-class events. These solutions are designed to make the delivery of complex events simpler, faster, and easier. In addition to event data experts, WizTeam offers a range of other event services, such as online registration, mobile event apps, accreditation management, and membership and activity management.

Wiz Team is an event data and event management company based in Switzerland. Its work spans a variety of sectors and helps organizations take advantage of new business opportunities. Its diverse client list includes SAP, the European Commission, and the Association of National Olympic Committees. The company consistently provides outstanding services and has a dedicated customer base.

Event access control

Event access control is an important feature that enables an event manager to ensure that all attendees get what they are expecting. Wiz-Team offers a suite of event management solutions, including online registration, mobile apps, event access control, and accreditation and membership management. The team also offers a range of support services for event managers and exhibitors, including booth management, volunteer management, and event data.

The Wiz-Team’s Event-Works platform supports the entire event lifecycle, from registration to ticketing and payment. The Wiz-Team’s solution also supports the streamed experience and offers an easy-to-use API.