Wiz Team – Event Management Software, Consulting, and Delivery Services

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Wiz-Team has offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Belgium, and is global with its partners. Its event management software, Event-Works, empowers event managers to deliver world-class events faster and easier. Its team of highly trained professionals have extensive event management experience. With Wiz-Team, you can be sure that you’ll get the best event management software, consulting, and delivery services.

With Wiz, security teams can monitor cloud-based applications throughout development and production. It provides comprehensive visibility into each layer of cloud infrastructure and eliminates management overhead and blind spots. Wiz also supports over 35 built-in compliance frameworks, enabling compliance teams to continuously monitor and improve their security practices. In addition, Wiz detects cloud attacks in progress. By providing real-time threat intelligence, security teams can limit the exposure of their organization to a breach.